User Guide - How to add the recommendation widget to your BigCommerce site

Content Page

To add the recommendation widget to content page, we need to edit the web page HTML.

  1. Go to BigCommerce Admin Panel -> Storefront -> Web Pages
  2. Select an existing web page to edit. If you want to create a new web page, then click on "Create Web Page" button.
  3. Scroll to Web Page Details -> Page Content section to insert the recommendation widget HTML snippet to the page content.
    • First, click on the "HTML" icon to switch to the "Edit HTML Source" mode. The "HTML Source Editor" will pop up.
    • Second, copy the widget HTML snippet and paste it into the desired place in the HTML Source Editor. The recommendation widget will be rendered at the same that you put the widget HTML snippet on your website. In this example, we added the widget to the end of the page.
    • Click on update button on the HTML Source Editor to finish editing the HTML. Note: The recommendation widget will only render on your actual website. It is normal that you don't see the recommendation widget rendered on the edit web page screen.
  4. Now go to the content page of your website. VoilĂ , the recommendation widget shows up on the content page!